DGS v2.1

DGS "Ingram" API


The DGS "Ingram" API can be used for any project. It provides a wide range of endpoints to query all type of stats and data from games available on DGS. By default, any one can use the "getScores", "getTournaments", "getGames" endpoint for all tournaments, and all other endpoints for their own uploaded games. Accessing endpoints for other uploaded games requires prior whitelisting by sending a request to [email protected] with a complete description of your project and any information that can be useful to understand your project goal.

This API is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Any project that can be categorized as "commercial" requires you to reach out to [email protected] first. ALS reserves the right to suspend your API access at any time for any reason at its own discretion. You may not use the DGS "Ingram" API for any platform that is directly competing with DGS without prior explicit written consent.

The API comes with a standard 2 requests/second rate limiting. Your token is used as an API key (see the "Profile settings" section).

Available endpoints

Each endpoint requires a "Authorization" header set with your account token, found on the Profile Settings section. API responses are in the JSON format. There is no detailed API response documentation yet, but querying the endpoint should provide an easy-to-understand format. Working on implementing other endpoints.


Returns a list of the last created tournaments on DGS with the ID, title, game privacy mode, and game IDs. You can either choose to return your own tournaments (in this case, all created tournaments will be returned), or the last 25 created tournaments.

GET https://apexlegendsstatus.com/tournament/ingram/?qt=getTournaments
Parameter Value Description
allGames 0 or 1 Whether to return all tournaments or only your own tournaments. 0 returns only your own tournaments (no size limit), 1 returns last 25 created public tournaments. If not set, defaults to 0.

Returns overall scores for each teams/players in a tournament. This returns for each team: team name, points, knockdowns assists, ring damage, damage taken, damage dealt, assists, kills, revives given, knockdowns, rankings for each game and respawns given. For each player in each team, you'll get player name, kills, damage dealt, damage taken, ring damage, assists, revives given and total number of games played.

GET https://apexlegendsstatus.com/tournament/ingram/?qt=getScores&tournamentId=X
Parameter Value Description
tournamentId Integer Tournament ID to get scores from (eg: 1006). Must be set.