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To start using Overlays, you must configure your Apex account below. This will be used to link overlays with the correct observer if there are more than one in your game.
Apex account linking

The account you're linking here must be the one of the observer you want to display data from. If you have multiple observers in your game, assign a distinct browser source to each of them with their corresponding ID generated below.

If you wish to set up overlays for another account, enter a ALS profile URL (from here ), EA/Origin account ID (digits only), or the nucleus hash if you know it.

Inventory Overlay

This overlay shows the current player inventory. This includes the following items: Shield Cell, Arc Star, Frag Grenade, Med kit, Phoenix Kit, Shield Battery, Syringe, Thermite Grenade and Backpacks. The number displayed next to the items is the total amount of said item in the player's inventory. The inventory displayed is linked to the current observed player, by the observer defined above.

Team Slabs Overlay

This overlay shows the current observed player's team. On the left, shows the current ranking based on points. In the middle, the team name. On the right, the number of points. You can configure the overlay to either only show the points/ranking based on the current game, or from all games played in the tournament already.

Teams Remaining Overlay

This overlay shows the teams alive/dead and their number of points. Ranking is primarily based on the alive teams, with dead teams appearing below. Secondary sorting is made on the number of points earned from all games in the tournament. A maximum of 14 teams can be displayed at any time.