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When are new ALGS games added?
Games are added as soon as the raw data is sent to us. This is usually the same day as the game is played. We're working with EA to get the data as soon as the game ends.
Will other regions be available?
We're working on adding other regions, but at the moment we only have access to the EMEA and NA regions data. This is hopefully something we can add in Split 2.
How do I access the games replay and in-depth stats?
You can access the games replay and in-depth stats by clicking on the game in the "Games Stats" tab. This will take you to the game page where you can view the replay and stats.
Why do teams and players don't have spaces in their names?
This is because the data we receive doesn't have those. We're working on an alternative way to display the names correctly.
If found an incorrect stat or a bug, how can I report it?
You can report it to us on Twitter @_apexstatus, or by email [email protected].