How do I add my customs?
Create a tournament on the "Organizer Portal" and add your customs there by either using the Websockets method, or the legacy JSON file upload.
My game crashed mid-game, what do I do?
Unfortunately, if your game crashes mid-game, there is no way to recover the game. You will have to restart the game and rejoin the lobby for future games. It is recommended to have a second observer in your lobby with the same game client settings, which would still allow you to use the JSON file upload method in case of an emergency. As a last resort, you can compute scores for the game manually and assign scores to teams using the Score modifiers in your Organizer Portal.
How can I use custom overlays?
This option is not released yet, but will be available in the future. Stay tuned!
My games are not loading on the website, what do I do?
DGS currently only supports BR Trios in the standard settings (not 'No Ring'). Other modes will be supported in the near future.