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Private/Custom games statistics

Using stats tokens

To access your statistics, use your Stats token in the CSV file provided, which contains all your keys. If you want to group multiple Stats token, use a ";" as a separator. Example: aaa_token1;aaa_token2;aaa_token3. Make sure to NOT show the Stats token to others as it can contain sensitive information.

After entering your stats token, you will be redirected to your statistics page. You will be given a public code that you can publicly share to avoid giving away your Stats token. Only users who entered the Stats token will be able to edit the settings.

Tokens format:


ALS Sharing Token: sXXXXXX

For additional protection, your stats tokens will be encrypted. Your stats tokens will not be visible to others.
Important: make sure your teams keep the EXACT same name across different games to avoid any issue.

Using JSON file

When using a JSON file, your data will not be automatically updated on the ALS website. You will have to upload your JSON file each time you want to update data on this page. Please note that this mode only allows for one JSON file at a time for now. If you wish to combine multiple games, see "Using stats tokens" above.

To download your JSON files, go to the URL https://r5-crossplay.r5prod.stryder.respawn.com/privatematch/?token=YOUR_STATS_TOKEN. YOUR_STATS_TOKEN can be found in the CSV file that has been provided to you by Respawn.

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