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We are not affiliated with EA nor Respawn.

I know not being able to play your favorite sucks, but It also suck for me. I'm just a player, like you - I do not work for Respawn, EA or anything related to Apex Legends. There is no need to spam on our Twitter, discord or emails to get your issue fixed, I can't do anything about it. Your best bet is to contact the official EA support (here) and ask for help.

This website has been made by a player, for players: It is meant to provide real time info about the current server status as Respawn/EA doesn't provide any accurate data about it, like they do for their API.

Quick sum up: the website can say if servers are up or down, but no one here can fix them.

Also, for those who wants to support me: I do not want your money, keep it for yourself and your close ones. A kind word on Twitter or Discord is the best support you can give. If you REALLY want to financially help and get some """cool""" features, join on Patreon! Become a Patron!
Inquiries: [email protected] (DO NOT email me for anything related to Apex issues, thanks!)