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Available commands

 /map shows the current and next map in both Battle Royale and Arenas modes, in pubs and ranked.

 /shop shows the current in game store.

 /predator shows the RP/AP needed to reach Apex Predator.

 /server-status shows the current servers status, as it can be found on the apexlegendsstatus.com homepage.

 /stats shows a player statistics. You are able to add a optional parameter to specify which legend you want to see.

 /botstats shows the status of each bot shards.

 /help shows a quick help on how to use slash commands in Discord, and ALS Bot's commands.

Coming soon

+ We are planning on adding leaderboards and pick rates commands. In the near future, the aim is to make a fully customisable bot through a web dashboard. It will take time and a lot of work, but we will get there!

Open source

 This project is open source! Feel free to contribute by joining our Github repo by clicking here. Be sure to claim your @Github Contributor rank on Discord after you've contributed!

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