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I'm Hugo, the dev working on this project on my free time. ALS fully relies on the community for financial support, as the website is ads-free. Obviously, as stated on the website, this is not affiliated with EA/Respawn.
Supporting me on Patreon will give you access to some perks, as a thank you for your support. The perks are not game-changing, but they are a way to show my appreciation for your support.
Price will be displayed in your local currency on Patreon after clicking the "Join" button. You can cancel your subscription at any time!

Tier 1

Match History tracker

Continuous Stats updates

Donor/Contributor profile badge

Hourly "Advanced Stats" tracking

More advanced stats

Custom profile image

Hall of Fame

Discord role

No ads on mobile app

"Tier 1 supporter" title

Tier 2

Custom profile background image

Progression Stats tab

Stats Evolution Charts

Download Match History as CSV/Excel

"Tier 2 supporter" title

All previous perks

Tier 3

Progression Stats tab (all profiles)

Stats Evolution Charts (all profiles)

NEW - 1st March Stats Compare

Gift Match History to 2 players

"Tier 3 supporter" title

All previous perks

Tier 4

Your Twitch streams are in the featured tab

Behind the scenes updates on Discord

Gift Match History to 5 players

"Tier 4 supporter" title

All previous perks

Tier 5

Gift Match History to 10 players

"Tier 5 supporter" title

All previous perks

Tier 6

Custom DGS (Tournament) features

(Soon) Own DGS Portal

"Tier 6 supporter" title

All previous perks

Match history will start being recorded once you're subscribed & claimed your Apex account.

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