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Classic Battle Royale (RP)

Side note

The players on this chart are active ranked players who have played this season. You may also notice a different number of Masters on this page than on the live leaderboards page: we try our best to have the most accurate results on this page. The number of masters is known at all time unlike other ranks, even if we don't know each players individually: we just know the number of masters. On this chart, we only display players that we know (coming from either the website, and from many other sources: did you know that ALS powers thousands of other community projects?), so that it is the same as other ranks.
Displaying the true number of masters would lead to a artificially inflated number of masters, like you may have seen on other websites.

For example, if in reality there are 1000 Masters and 500 D4. ALS would know that there are 1000 Masters, but not the name of each of them. For D4, it would only know their names in the database (same as all other websites). Showing 1000 Masters and 50 D4 wouldn't make any sense at all: on this chart, you'll see data coming from the same data source for consistency.

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